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Mental Health Raleigh NC What To Expect

Not sure what to expect during a visit to a Raleigh NC mental health practitioner? Read on for more information about our services here at Midtown Neurofeedback.

Brain Mapping in Raleigh NC

Our neurofeedback program begins with making a map of the areas of your brain and how they are functioning under various conditions.  The mapping process will take about an hour as we measure how the various regions of your brain respond to eyes open and eyes closed conditions.  Dr. Hightower will then compare the objective finding of your map to the subjective information you provide in the questionnaires which we will email to you.  These results are used to generate the best protocol for helping your brain learn how to better balance itself.

Dr. Hightower will go over the results of your map in great detail and answer any questions you have before you begin training.

Decrease Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The way training works is this. You will watch a TV show of your choosing as you are hooked to the electrodes that monitor brain activity. Remember the machine monitors only, there is no zapping with electrical, magnetic or chemical input. When the sensors register that you are falling into habitual patterns the machine will dim the light and sound of the show. You will find this frustrating so the brain will begin to try to reroute to solve the puzzle. When that happens the machine recognizes it and rewards you by turning the sound and picture back on. Your brain is thus able to teach itself to be more balanced, more efficient and more flexible in thought.

Brains are like muscles.

Neurofeedback is like physical training for the brain. It enables the brain to move into new patterns of thought and behavior as it learns to more effectively regulate itself. There is a principle in neurology that says “neurons that fire together wire together.” This process is the basis of learning but during periods of trauma, great pain or stress those neural pathways can become so ingrained that we lose the ability to be mentally flexible. The ability to navigate well in our complex world requires the ability to be mentally flexible and to respond to situations as they arise. Neurofeedback creates new mental pathways and provides new ways to learn and behave as you grow mentally stronger.

Optimal Performance

Midtown Neurofeedback offers state of the art neurofeedback services to the Raleigh NC and Triangle areas. We not only help with conditions such as anxiety and depression Neurofeedback is used to help athletes, CEO’s, students and those who may be in cognitive decline improve their mental performance.


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