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At our mental health clinic in Raleigh NC, Dr. Hightower will explain the patterns that define how your brain is processing the electrical information of our thoughts and moods. People tend to fall into patterns of repetitive mental loops. Dr. Hightower excels in putting it all together. Everyone can identify their own thought loops regarding their own life stressors. “I should have told them” or “I should not have done that” or whatever. Trauma greatly accelerates this process and the voices and thoughts often become all-consuming.

Overcoming the harmful effects of past trauma

Brain trauma can result from a concussion in an accident or while playing sports. Brain trauma can also result from prolonged or intense stress. These create very different patterns of Brain dysregulation.

Neurofeedback is simply a way to teach your brain how to break free of those ruminant loops and function more efficiently and with more adaptability. It becomes easier to think about other things than repeatedly reliving the traumatic event.

The way training works is this. You will generally watch a show of your choosing as you are hooked to the electrodes that monitor brain activity. Remember the machine monitors only, there is no zapping with electrical, magnetic or chemical input. When the sensors register that you are falling into the trauma-related patterns the machine will dim the light and sound of the show. You will find this frustrating so the brain will begin to try to reroute. When that happens the machine recognizes it and rewards you by turning the sound and picture back on. Your brain will learn new patterns that allow you to break the hold of the repetitive memory of the past trauma.

It is that simple and that profound. Neurofeedback is a safe and simple way for your brain to train itself to break free from the stuck state patterns that are the hallmark of trauma.


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