Physical Benefits of Neurofeedback in Raleigh NC

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Improving your quality of life in Raleigh NC

Though many people seek out our expertise in difficult mental conditions such as ADD, anxiety and depression, at our mental health clinic in Raleigh NC, neurofeedback is about helping you to refresh, energize and revitalize your mind. Vibrant, balanced mental energy resonates and improves the health of the body and the spirit.

Many people find improvements in areas seemingly unrelated to the condition which they initially came in for. Many report changes in better sleep, less indecisiveness, more energy and a better peace of mind.

Better Health, Better Life

Neurofeedback is used by athletes and CEO’s to sharpen and energize the mind. Most people come in with a specific complaint but soon learn that Midtown Neurofeedback is about helping them to be the best that they can be.

Stress isn’t just bad for your peace of mind—it’s bad for your health. When your body registers stressors like work deadlines or financial troubles, your mind and body go into high alert. Long term negative effects of stress are well documented and include depressed immune function, poor cardiovascular health and loss of memory.


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