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Midtown Neurofeedback Services offers the latest technologies to treat a variety of issues including depression, anxiety disorders, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders as well as many others. Brain balancing with Midtown Neurofeedback helps increase focus and bring balance and regulation back to the brain. A healthy brain is a solid foundation for a healthier life here in Raleigh NC.

Neurofeedback in Raleigh NC Helps With:

Anxiety and Depression

Midtown Neurofeedback is a proven and effective adjunct to SSRI medications and other psychiatric care typically used to treat stress and anxiety.


At Midtown Neurofeedback, Dr. Hightower will explain the patterns that define how your brain is processing the electrical information of our thoughts and moods.


Autism or ASD is in evidence when the different parts of your brain are not talking to each other optimally.


We work with the Veteran’s Administration in the use of Neurofeedback Biofeedback for symptoms related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the physical and mental pain often associated with those who suffer PTSD.


Focused concentration happens when the frontal lobes of our brains produce a certain type of brainwave called Beta waves.

Physical Benefits

Though many people seek out our expertise in difficult mental conditions such as ADD, anxiety and depression Midtown Neurofeedback is about helping you to refresh, energize and revitalize your mind.

Improve Sleep, Concentration, and Focus

Neurofeedback trains the brain to function at a more optimum level, resulting in mood stabilization and improved cognitive functioning. The nature of your condition together with your brain map helps us determine the best protocol to help you train your brain to a healthier state.

Some imbalances in brain regulation result in a lack of focus. Some imbalances result in anxiety or lack of sleep. Dr. Hightower and the team at Brainworks will work with you to help you experience the benefits of better brain harmony. You may experience better sleep or better moods or better focus. The results depend on your symptoms and how your brain is dysregulated. Most people feel improvements in their ability to function normally and cope with the stresses of daily life as their brain is moved into a healthier state using Braincore Neurofeedback at Midtown Neurofeedback.


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