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Mental Health Provider Raleigh NC Brett Hightower
Board Certified in Neurofeedback

Brett C. Hightower DC, BCN

Dr. Hightower has studied the root cause of disease and various approaches to drugless medicine for over 3 decades. 28 years of active practice in chiropractic and acupuncture has taught him to focus on the energetic body as the source of physical and mental pain.

There are a great many people in our community who are on medication for the various types of mood disorders. The medications are long-term, they are expensive and they can have negative side effects. Most of the people who choose to work with us want to find a non-medicinal way to help reduce the pain of anxiety, depression and ADD.

Some seek out Dr. Hightower and the Braincore team to help improve mental performance and some come in to help them relax and sleep better. Your brain can learn to balance and heal itself with the help of a good map and a well-designed program of mental training.

Neurofeedback does not shock or stimulate that brain in any way. It simply provides feedback information to help your neurology self-regulate more capably.

The way training works is this. You will usually watch a TV show of your choosing as you are hooked to electrodes that monitor brain activity. Remember the machine monitors only, there is no zapping with electrical, magnetic or chemical input. When the sensors register that you are falling into unhealthy mental patterns the machine will dim the light and sound of the show. You will find this frustrating so the brain will begin to try to reroute and turn the signal back on.

When that happens the machine recognizes it and rewards you by turning the sound and picture back on. With neurofeedback, your brain can learn to become more efficient, better regulated and healthier.

It is that simple and that profound. Neurofeedback is a safe and simple way for your brain to train itself to break free from the stuck state patterns that are the hallmark of PTSD.

At Midtown Neurofeedback ,we use the Braincore system because we consider it the best. Braincore Neurofeedback technology monitors and gives you feedback on how your brain is working.

Dr. Hightower has a strong reputation for honesty and integrity and in-depth knowledge of the frontiers of neuroscience. This unique combination makes him an excellent partner in guiding you through the amazing growth you will experience at Brainworks Neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback Operator

Mary Hightower

The First Step

The first step involves filling out some questionnaires and inventories that help us assess how you are coping in our stressful world. We then make a map of the vibratory frequencies that define your mental state. Brainworks technology takes that mapping information and creates protocols that allow your brain to teach itself how to become more balanced; less dysregulated and healthier. Better brain regulation is healthy because it results in an increased ability to think flexibly and to get out of stuck mental loops. Some stuck loops result in depression, some in anxiety and some in an inability to maintain focus. They are, however, measurable and can be addressed with the brain training protocols we use at Brainworks. Mapping identifies where the imbalances and stuck-state mental loops are then brain training gently teaches your brain how to create new mental pathways.

It is like taking your mind to the gym to develop new muscles and new habits. It is a powerful and effective way to increase brain health.

Our Advantage

The advantage in choosing Midtown Neurofeedback for your training needs is the opportunity provided by 30 years of study and expertise. Dr. Hightower excels in putting it all together. He has cultivated an expertise in drugless healing and is board certified in chiropractic, acupuncture and has attained the BCN certification in Neurofeedback. He has practiced with kindness, love and service in the Raleigh area since 1994.

With his background and experience, Dr. Hightower and his staff will guide you through the amazing mental transformation that happens with neurofeedback. His reviews (link to reviews) will shed light on how you will be treated at Midtown Neurofeedback.

What to Expect

At Midtown Neurofeedback, you will work closely with Dr. Hightower to help determine the stuck-state loops that define your psychological condition. Almost all health conditions will respond favorably to our program of increased mental and physical balance.

It is a joyous and healthy process to share with our patients as their brain learns how to teach itself to get unstuck from past issues and behaviors. It feels good and empowering to regain lost mental clarity and to grow into new patterns of a healthier state of mind.


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