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Helping veterans who suffer with PTSD in Raleigh NC

We work with the Veteran’s Administration in the use of Neurofeedback in Raleigh NC for symptoms related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the physical and mental pain often associated with those who suffer PTSD.

To survive overwhelming stress and trauma we have to lock into certain modes of behaviour and action to cope with the difficulties of the circumstance. This adaptive behavior helps at the time but those mental loops become almost hard-wired and the PTSD survivor has difficulty moving past the event. What is needed is a way to examine the brain so that we understand exactly how it is dysregulated. Then the brain itself could work on developing new patterns and extinguishing the painful thought loops associated with the traumatic event.

Restore your sense of safety and cope with PTSD

This is exactly what neurofeedback does. After we map your brain to determine which patterns are overactive we then develop a protocol for helping you break those patterns to allow you to use more of your brain. This allows you to return to thoughts that are not dominated by a constant replaying of the event and the stress that creates.

The way training works is this. You will generally watch a show of your choosing as you are hooked to the electrodes that monitor brain activity. Remember the machine monitors only, there is no zapping with electrical, magnetic or chemical input. When the sensor registers that you are falling into the PTSD patterns the machine will dim the light and sound of the show. You will find this frustrating so the brain will begin to try to reroute. When that happens the machine recognizes it and rewards you by turning the sound and picture back on.

It is that simple and that profound. Neurofeedback is a safe and simple way for your brain to train itself to break free from the stuck state patterns that are the hallmark of PTSD.


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