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Our Mission at Midtown Neurofeedback in Raleigh NC

Midtown Neurofeedback in Raleigh NC stays on the forefront of advances in neuroscience to help you achieve better brain balance and better brain health. We provide a positive, safe environment where you can relax and feel comfortable as you explore this amazing frontier. We offer several treatment options which are used to help you manage your stress and anxiety. We serve our patients with loving intent as they learn to navigate the Brain training process at Midtown Neurofeedback. Neuorofeedback is a wonderful experience that has a lasting positive impact on our patients and on our community.

Relieve Stress, Overcome Anxiety, Regain Executive Functioning

Midtown Neurofeedback provides a healthy, drug-free solution for stress, anxiety, and addiction. We also address focus and memory issues.
Dr. Hightower studies and stays on top of advances in technology to provide drugless ways to help you improve your mental health and achieve lasting results.

What if you could change your brain?

Midtown Neurofeedback is a leading Neurofeedback service provider in the Triangle area – we help people balance their brains and improve their health. Applications of Neurofeedback include: anxiety. autism disorders, depression, ADD/ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and enhanced performance. Balancing your brain improves your health and improves your life! Dr. Hightower brings a wide range of expertise and experience to bear on helping you through this amazing process.


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